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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 19-20 Enterprise Camp

Below is the schedule and roster assignments for the Enterprise Team Camp on June 19-20.  A quick reminder -- there will be no bus to transport the athletes to Enterprise.  Parents are responsible for organizing the transportation.

Also, the camp does cost $10 per player, and we need to pay on Monday when we arrive.  Along with the payment for the camp, it is a good idea to bring snacks and/or money for lunch (The JV team especially has a big gap between games).

Finally, if anybody else is planning on attending the camp and I did not include her name on the roster assignment, please know that was not intentional.  Please contact me at (435) 619-0478 or to fix that oversight.


Coach Rarick

Shirt Colors -- wear an SC shirt (if you have one) in the following colors, if you do not have an SC shirt, just do your best to match the color:

Monday -- Navy Blue

Tuesday -- White Shirts

TimeLocationOpponentAli BurgessSammi Johnston
9:00Court 1 Main GymPanguitch 1Savannah NorthLizzy Rowland
10:30Court 1 Main GymParowanRaquel HarrisonRaegan Gines*
12:00Court 1 Main GymRichfieldKasia HeathMorgan Gertge*
12:45Court 2 Main GymEnterpriseAddie TauanuuKatie Langford*
Shayla Harris
TimeLocationOpponentGaby AlbaMel Kestin
9:00Court 3 Old GymEnterprise JVNicole PalmerKatherine Park
9:45Court 3 Old GymRichfield JVSophie RobinsonMcKena Fisher
12:00Court 3 Old GymEscalanteEmilie LeavittJael Wilde
1:30Court 3 Old GymBryce Valley JVCatie Utley*1 from Varsity
TimeLocationOpponentCassidy ReedKambrie Stuart
9:00Court 4 Old GymEnterprise 9Tilly GibbMillie Gibson
10:30Court 4 Old GymNorth Sevier 9Tavie LandisAspen Lovell
12:00Court 4 Old GymUintah 1Sophie SmithIvie Gubler
2:15Court 4 Old GymUintah 2Kess JohnsonHadley Lewis
Kenna Staheli
TimeLocationOpponentAli BurgessSammi Johnston
8:00Court 2 Main GymSouth SummitSavannah NorthLizzy Rowland
8:45Court 2 Main GymNorth SevierRaquel HarrisonRaegan Gines*
10:15Court 1 Main GymUintahKasia HeathMorgan Gertge*
2:00Court 1 Main GymPanguitch 2Addie TauanuuKatie Langford*
Shayla Harris
TimeLocationOpponentGaby AlbaMel Kestin
8:45Court 3 Old GymUintah JVNicole PalmerKatherine Park
11:00Court 3 Old GymEscalanteSophie RobinsonMcKena Fisher
2:00Court 3 Old GymSouth Summit JVEmilie LeavittJael Wilde
3:30Court 3 Old GymEnterprise JVCatie Utley*1 from Varsity
TimeLocationOpponentCassidy ReedKambrie Stuart
10:15Court 4 Old GymUintah 2Tilly GibbMillie Gibson
11:00Court 4 Old GymEnterprise 8Tavie LandisAspen Lovell
2:00Court 4 Old GymRichfield 9Sophie SmithIvie Gubler
4:15Court 4 Old GymEscalanteKess JohnsonHadley Lewis

Thursday, March 2, 2017


SCHS Volleyball Summer Schedule
Please contact Coach Rarick via text or e-mail with the camps you plan on attending.
Phone – (435) 619-0478         E-MAIL –
Fees for all camps can be paid on EXCEPT Enterprise which we pay for up there.
ð       SCHS Team Camp – June 5-8
o   Girls expecting to play in the high school program should plan on attending this camp.
o   The camp is available for younger ages as well (Grades 6-8).
o   Cost:
§  $75 if paid by May 25 (Pay on
§  $100 if paid between May 25-June 2 (Pay on
§  $125 if paid on June 5 (Pay at SCHS Gym)
o   There will be 2 sessions per day:
§  8:30-11:30 & 1-4 (Thursday will be the morning session only)
o   We have 3 courts reserved with space for 16 girls on each court (48 total girls).
ð       Summer Games – June 9-10
o   Varsity/JV Girls are encouraged to sign up for this.
o   Cost – $30 per player. (Pay on
ð       Enterprise Team Camp – June 19-20
o   An excellent opportunity to compete in matches against several local schools.
o   Cost – $10 (Pay at the camp)
o   We are planning on sending three teams to this camp (Varsity, JV, Freshman)
ð       Dixie State Team Camp – June 26-29
o   This camp is for JV/Soph/Freshman players.
o   This camp provides the opportunity for our teams to develop chemistry and experience.
o   Cost – $75 per player (Pay on
o   We will send two teams to this camp.
ð       Utah State Team Camp – July 17-21
o   This camp is for seniors and girls returning with varsity experience (8 Total Players).
o   This camp is an opportunity for the varsity team to bond and prepare for the upcoming season.
o   The location allows us to play competition we will see at the state tournament.
o   Cost – $150 per player (Pay on
2017 SCHS Volleyball Tryout Schedule
ð       Varsity/JV Tryouts – August 7-8
o   Any player in grades 9-12 that wishes to tryout for the Varsity/JV team is invited.
o   Two sessions each day:
§  8-11 a.m.
§  1-4 p.m.
o   First practice is August 9 @ 3:15-5:45 p.m.
ð       Sophomore/Freshman Tryouts – 14-15
o   Any player in grades 9-10 that did not make the Varsity/JV team, or has not tried out yet, is invited.
§  One session each day @ 3:15-5:45 p.m.

ð       All players must be registered on BEFORE trying out.